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Pictured: Akeem Davis and Susie Stevens, set by Sarah Outing and Lights by Maria Shaplin. Dir. Rebecca Wright.


Marcus/Emma, or Marcus Garvey And Emma Goldman Have Hot Hot Sex, premiered at InterAct Theater Company in January 2017. Co-conceived with Akeem Davis, the play puts two historical radicals at each other's throats and in each other's pants as their visions of the future collide. Nominated for 3 Barrymore Awards, including the Independence Foundation Award for Outstanding New Play 



Winner of the 2017 Philadelphia Award of the Virginia Brown-Martin Foundation, Peaceable Kingdom is a fantastic retelling of the founding of the Pennsylvania Colony on Lenape Land, examining the effects of invasive species, be they leopards, squirrels or humans. Premiered by Orbiter 3 in May 2017.

Pictured: Cathy Simpson as Lion and Eliana Fabiyi as Lamb 2 with the ensemble. Costmes by Rebeckah Kanach, lights by Maria Shaplin, set by Apollo Weaver. Directed by Rebeccah Wright.

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 2.56.40 PM.png


Commissioned by the Wilma Theater through the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation, Night Science is currently under development. Nobel Prize winners Emmanuelle Charpentier and Marie Curie contemplate the human species chances for survival in a dreamscape of trees, bacteria, and looming disasters.

In development by the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia.

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